Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sub Zero Montana

Tonite I got to ride out to Chico Hot springs, a real treat in this cold weather.

The mist off the water freezes on everything.

Polar Bear Club Seats only.

It's cozy there inside the bar though.

Driving back home through Livingston, MT!

Back home, it looks like this out the bedroom window.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Christmas Stroll

Here are some pictures of the christmas stroll in Bozeman.

A fun yet a little sad pony merry go round. Cute ponies though.

Main Street Bozeman.

A great chorus of awesome guys.

You've got to have so much respect for a man who wears furry boots.

Must be in the same family as the airport ducks!

Upside Down Hanging Christmas Tree

Today's adventure to Sack's in Belgrade got me my first faux christmas tree (with the lights built in!) for 5 smackers, and some red bulbs for 75 cents. I'd been wanting a small tree to hang like a lamp for a little while, and it worked out real well i thought. I fun treat for a small apartment.

Turns out you can buy an "inverted" tree at my (least) favorite store Hammacher Schlemmer. Well, they are sold out now, but you used to be able to.

And more searching shows that showed an upside down tree just a few weeks ago. Weird! And how about npr calling it the latest rage!

I swear I never heard of doing it before! Which is actually due to a lack of proper historical knowledge... apparently retailers used to do it to save valuable floor space. Which is the same reasoning that brought me to do it. So here here for upside down trees. Finally, has a full report (looks like in response to anyone claiming that this is a new thing...)

I love the internet.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Icicalus Maximus

Energy Wastum Maximum

Six foot seven and counting. My question is, if the top one, meets up with the bottom one, does it count as one icicle?