Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Goodness

This year's costumes were inspired by Hannah's notion of becoming a windsock. I decided to be a runway, which evolved into an airport after I added the control tower hat. These costumes ended up really sweet, and a nice pairing.

Hannah in all her windsock glory. There is a stick that can be used to simulate wind!

Ready to hit the streets.

Here I am with Phil

Us at Plonk.

Close ups of the tower. I like some of these little guys a lot more than others, but this is a pretty crazy control tower, not a very safe airport. At least it has a radar...

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Unknown said...

I have no idea how this works..... anyways I just wanted to comment on your blog site... this is the first blog site I ever visited and since I know the real "you" it makes it even better.

Wendy, Scupp and Davaid