Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fort Quonset

Here are three photos from the construction of my new favorite
place! I found this made in the USA Clearspan brand tent on close
out at I ended up building a floor from cheap chipboard
subflooring that is unfortunately full of bad chemicals. Under the
chip board I used free scrap wood from Lowe's to level it all out.
Materials for the floor ended up under $100. By the way, I didn't
knock that fence down. Its rotting of its own volition.

The steel frame consists of seven arches. I ordered one extra set over the standard six to decrease the spacing to 40" and beef up the structure to better manage any heavy snows. Though, I frankly don't think it would have been an issue with a structure this size. Though you are specifically warned in the instructions not to climb or hang on the structure, I hung on it anyway. Rebel! Its strong though! I set up little tabs of 2x4s sticking out from under the floor to support the ends of the poles.

Here is it all finished! I have started to move in. My canoe is safely stored inside now, and I am planning to setup a four season outdoor social space and small shop area. I even hung our hammock up inside and gently tested it out. There was a little flex, but it actually holds me up in the hammock quite well. The whole tent weighs 500 lbs and is excellent quality overall. It will be a great place for projects and enjoying the back yard all year round.

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