Friday, March 14, 2008

Rancilio Silvia Top CAD Files

A few years back a cut some clear acrylic tops for my Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. I have recently switched back to a custom stainless top that I'll be posting more about soon, but I enjoyed the clear top for many years. I am posting the dwg file for it here:


To get one made, you just need to find a laser cutter somewhere. I had mine cut at, their site is here: I actually just talked with Pololu, and they said they will just keep the file on hand, so if you want, you can just order one directly from them and just specify you want a Rancilio Silvia Top.

There are other places that will laser cut for you too. Pololu has various different colors of acrylic, or you can send your own material in. I've always thought a wooden top or something else would be cool. Lots of options too for modifying this super basic model.

Four years ago I made a silly site for this little mod and it has some copious instructions on installation.

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